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What is Loyalty Customer Club Platform?
In today’s competitive environment, in order for a business to grow, it needs to maintain and increase customers, along with increasing financial interactions with current customers. Loyal Customer Club software includes a set of activities and tools that aim to create customer satisfaction and loyalty along with increasing bilateral interactions with the business.

Due to the presence of the customer as a requirement of any business, almost all successful businesses use the tools of the customer club software. It should be noted that today more than ever, business success is tied to business standardization and systematization, and the survival of businesses without the use of these tools will be seriously questioned.

The most common businesses that have used customized customer club club software to date are: banks and financial institutions, airlines and tourism companies, educational institutions, shopping and commercial centers, manufacturing companies. He mentioned chain stores, retail stores, car companies, restaurants and more.

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What is Loyalty Customer Club Software?
Today, many leading companies are trying to attract new customers in their marketing planning, maintain them in the best possible way, and strengthen their brand during a complex process while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Due to the high volume of customer information, the best way to run a customer loyalty program is to use loyal customer club software. Loyal Customer Club software will become an important part of your business’s core CRM and will best attract, retain and create value for customers.

Why does setting up a customer club increase sales?
The customer club is made up of a set of tools through which to deliver customer loyalty, benefits are assigned to a group of the company’s customers. Loyal customer club is created by bringing together customers of a collection and recording their information. Their information is recorded in a database and can be programmed for customers. In other words, the customer club is a platform for meeting the needs of customers, paying special attention to them and proper management of loyalty and communication with customers.

The idea of ​​the Lowalt Customer Club is a relatively new tool used by some businesses to encourage current and future customers with specific incentives to join the club. These incentives and benefits are offered in the form of coupons, free products, special privileges in partnership with other companies, and so on. The customer club also encourages customers to buy from your company.

Launch a loyal customer club
The first step in setting up a customer club is to gather basic information and plan to implement a customer club. The first thing you need to do is collect data about your current customers’ buying habits. The first step is to identify the 20% most profitable customers who make up 80% of your profits. If you use a CRM system in your business, you will have an easy time ahead. So once you’ve created a profile of your favorite customers, you need to create a program that fits their needs. It is better to use a simple and principled system. As soon as the customer reaches a certain level of purchase, he will receive the values ​​and benefits that you have defined. The simpler the system and the easier it is to understand, the better the performance. You need to pay close attention to what the customer is getting in return for being loyal to your business. A customer club that does not offer real value to customers cannot attract customers and keep them loyal.

Where did the idea of ​​setting up a customer club come from?
The idea of ​​creating a customer club was first proposed in the 1970s in the United States. The US Airlines has been at the forefront of launching a customer club, that is, when they launched their flight plans. The roots of customer club formation go back to the late 1970s; When the US government passed a law deregulating airlines, it reduced the barriers to this section, which were created under federal law. As a result of this deregulation, competition increased and airlines tried to provide new services to increase their market share. In May 1981, US Airlines went beyond this stage to create customer clubs that allowed passengers to collect miles and distances by air and exchange them for plane tickets or other benefits.

Is any business suitable for setting up a customer club?
When we look at the data obtained, it is clear that creating a customer club is a positive and profitable endeavor for many businesses, but it should be noted that some businesses whose customers buy irregularly, such as housing, law firms, and law firms. The idea of ​​creating a customer club has not worked for them!

Develop a customer loyalty program
Customer Loyalty Program is designed to reward customers who shop at short distances and in significant sizes. Customer loyalty program is effective in creating a long-term loyalty to the company with the value of long-term life for the customer and also creating sales opportunities for several products in addition to customer purchase. Airlines, hotels and credit card companies have pioneered the creation of recurring applications, and are now being used in many other industries. Most chain stores offer discounted club fan cards to customers for specific items.

Typically, the first company to promote a customer loyalty program in an industry makes the most profit, especially if competitors do not have the necessary speed to respond to such activities. After competing with competitors, all companies that use recurring applications may face heavy financial pressure, but some companies are very effective and creative in managing these situations. Some repetitive programs generate rewards that engage the customer and, if changed, create significant costs for him. Applications also create psychological support and a special feeling and excellence in the customer, which is very valuable to him.

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