Business Loyalty Platform

Loyalty Platform is a combination of up-to-date marketing knowledge, customer experience research,

advanced and proprietary software platform to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction

along with a strong brand with loyal and permanent customers.

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Business in the customer's orbit

Loyalty programs

Implement specific scenarios based on the type of business and customers

Program Occasions

Smart scenarios for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, gift giving and rewards

Poll promoters

Survey based on the NPS index and determine the amount of advice to others


Possibility of holding general and advanced lotteries based on various parameters

Classification of customers

Classification based on dynamic groups and labels in the form of common features

Branches managment

Apply a single scenario for all branches, managing the access level of each branch


The communication module includes syncing with SMS systems and sending emails

Introduce to friends

Assign specific code to members to add new members and receive rewards

Determining loyalty levels

Dynamic Loyalty Scale Based on Score and Allocation Rewards for Each Level

Access permissions

Ability to grant dedicated access permissions to each user

Discount coupons

Create custom and general discount coupons, in the form of code and printed card


Provide loyalty web service to developers to sync with other software

Sales Management

Sales dashboard, invoice issuance, invoice management and reports

Product management

Ability to add and manage products and services, mass entry


Dedicated panel identity (white label), name and logo insertion and club specific color

Web application

Provide web applications compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Os


Customer panel

Customer profile, virtual card, purchase history and level and score, next offer

Customer loyalty card

Provide club cards, instant or pre-designed prints, QR code/ Magnetism

Gift card

Gift card, credit card with desired Rial balance and coupon connection

Guest card

Dedicated to special members by loyal members, guest credit and introductory


Ability to intelligently transfer information from other software and continue in the new scenario


Export of information

Ability to receive data output in backup format and Excel output


CB Analysis

Analyze customer buying behavior based on business type and purchase history


Targeted advertising

Informing and persuading customers to buy based on specific features

Receiver Management (B2B)

Dedicated panel and separate scenario for each acceptor, Co-Branding, National Club


Product validation

Product inquiry via panel and SMS, product tracking to the end customer

MLM Multilevel Marketing

Ability to offer purchase rewards to the identifier / acceptor to infinite levels

Attraction Campaign

Allocate a unique address for each recipient and identify input from each channel, marketing

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